Why Play the Bassoon?

For some beginning band students, it’s hard to choose what musical instrument to play. Each band instrument has something intriguing to offer, whether it be the sound that is produced when the musical instrument is played, where that particular instrument section sits in the band, what it is made of, the shape of the instrument itself, and much more. So why play the bassoon? There are many great reasons to play bassoon in school band:

♦ The bassoon has a rich and varied sound.

♦ The bassoon can play the melody, counter-melody, harmony and more. Its versatility provides interesting playing parts for the musician, so you’ll never get bored playing the bassoon.

♦ It’s a wonderful opportunity to be part of an elite group. There are fewer musicians on bassoon than most of the other band instruments, and your band director will love you if you decide to play the bassoon.

♦ Since there aren’t as many students playing bassoon, you will have a greater chance of being accepted into honor groups and/or All-State Band, which means there will be lots of occasions where you can play your instrument in different settings and ensembles.

♦ The bassoon is used in concert band, symphony orchestra, opera, movie and television soundtracks, small chambers groups and more. It can add to a bass line, play a solo, or blend with lots of other instruments.

♦ While learning any new musical instrument will have its challenges, the bassoon is considered one of the more difficult instruments to learn. That being said, it’s like every other instrument in the band — practice is the key to becoming a great bassoon player.

♦ Playing the bassoon will offer you more opportunities for scholarships and grants to college/university. If you are a good player, you will be welcomed heartily by most institutions.