Technical Studies for the Cornet (Clarke)


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Technical Studies for the Cornet  was written especially to enable the trumpet student to conquer any technical difficulties he might encounter. The book concentrates solely on technique.

From the book: “This work has been especially written to enable the cornet student to conquer any technical difficulties he might encounter in the literature for the instrument.

By carefully following the instructions in this book, the student will build up strength and endurance without strain or injury to his embouchure. If the lips remain flexible and the tone is note forced, it will be possible to play easily any note, regardless of the register. The exercises in this book are not very difficult if practiced slowly at first. I have used them for years in my daily practice to maintain my endurance and to prevent fatigue. Hard work and dedication will be required to achieve a high degree of excellence; but by correcting your slightest mistake and by striving for improvement each day, your efforts will be rewarded by conquering what seemed, at first, impossible.

The student should familiarize himself with as much of the cornet repertoire as possible in order to gain a substantial and diverse musical background.”

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