Lip Slurs for Horn (Hilliard)


A Progressive Method of Flexibility Exercises

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Series: Meredith Music Resource
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Format: Softcover
Author: Howard Hilliard
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A Progressive Method of Flexibility Exercises

Revised and updated! Lip Slurs for Horn provides a comprehensive collection of essential slurring skills for the first year student as well as exercises that challenge the most advanced professional. A balance between variety and accessibility is used to challenge the ear and combat the monotony of typical lip slur exercises while maintaining a logical and musical shape to the phrase. Special areas included are:
• Large intervals within a modest range
• Exercises designed to eliminate or minimize breaks between registers
• Memorizable warm-ups
• Techniques that exploit out-of-tune harmonics
• Innovative ways to increase range both high and low
• Exercises that provide an extreme challenge to the ear
• Lip slur hybrids combined with lip trill precursors

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