Q. What does it cost to rent an instrument?
A. For a rental fee FROM $20.00 to $99.00 per month (depending on the instrument you select), you can start your child in the school band or orchestra. All instruments come with accessories and case. Fees vary on smaller violin outfits, double French horns and other background instruments
Q. Does the rent apply toward the purchase?


Yes! As you rent, payments apply toward the purchase should you decide to buy the instrument you are renting from us.
Q. Is there a service agreement; what is the cost; and who repairs the instruments?
A. In addition to the manufacturer’s 1 year warranty, ART’S offers service on all the instruments we sell or rent. We have an up-to-date repair shop with full-time, full service factory trained technicians. Adjustments can be made in-the-band room by an ART’S School Service Representative that calls on the school, or you may bring it by one of our fine in-store repair shops.
Q. Do I have to rent the cheapest student instrument?
A. No! Many parents and directors prefer to rent something a little better, such as open hole French model flutes, wood clarinets, and intermediate model brass instruments. It’s your choice.
Q. Are the rental instruments new or used?
A. We have both available, in addition to rebuilt and short-term rental return instruments. Again, it’s your choice. New instrument rental rates are slightly higher. Used and rental return instruments are subject to availability.
Q. Are these instruments school approved?
A. ART’S is one of the largest suppliers of musical instruments in the country. Our brand name instruments include many manufacturers: Alpha, Emerson, Haynes, Yamaha, King, Benge, LeBlanc, Holton, Vito, Normandy, Noblet, Selmer, Bundy, Bach, Armstrong, Gemeinhardt, Conn, Artley, Roth,Lewis, Pearl, Ludwig, Omega and more.
Q. Where do we make our rental payments?
A. Most of our customers use our stress-free auto draft to make their monthly rental payments. No more late fees, postage, or envelopes necessary — it’s the most convenient way to make your payment.

We are in your bandroom:
Providing routine service to our instruments
Making scheduled deliveries of supplies and accessories
Checking on your child’s instrument regularly
We attend many of your band’s events

We are as close as your cell phone:
Place an order with us — and pay over the phone, or pay after items are delivered to the school

We always provide FREE…
Minor repairs and adjustments to our instruments
Inspections on instruments that may need repair
Estimates on all repairs before service is performed
Pick up and delivery on any instrument we repair

We sell (and lease-to-own):
Quality, upperline instruments so that your child can grow into the preferred instrument of choice
Superior products and offer professional services — since 1905