Traditional Rent to Own Plan

The Benefits       of Choosing    Art’s Music Shop


  1. Art’s Music Shop insures your child will receive a quality band or orchestra instrument that will play properly and in tune.
  2. Art’s sends a representative to your school,* who visits regularly to check on the band (or orchestra) instruments that have been deployed by us; our service representatives will make adjustments and small repairs at no charge, for as long as you have your band instrument, even after your rental agreement has ended.
  3. Art’s has a state of the art repair facility, where your child’s band instrument can be can properly repaired for the life of the instrument (for more complex repairs that cannot be done in the band room).
  4. A one year warranty covers most other problems and adjustments that occur.
  5. You may rent-to-own a quality band instrument from the very beginning; there is no need to “make do” with a beginner band instrument; rent the instrument you want your child to own for years to come.
  6. The Art’s Music Shop traditional band instrument rental plan is the least expensive way to secure an instrument.
Does a School Service Representative from Art’s Music Shop visit your school system regularly? If so, our traditional Band Instrument Rental Program (rent to own) is probably best for you! Please check out the reasons you should choose ART’S to rent a quality instrument for your child and fill out the application below.

*For schools in our service area, Art’s Music Shop can supply students with a quality band or orchestra instrument, priced within your budget, based upon your Band Director’s recommendations. We’ll find you the best possible instrument, hand-selected for you. Just talk to any Art’s Music Shop employee.

Traditional Rent to Own Band Instruments



Steps to Renting a Band (or Orchestra) Musical Instrument


Instrument Choice

With guidance from your band director and/or your School Service Representative, you should already know the band instrument that best suits your needs for your traditional band instrument rental (rent to own), and this should be indicated at the top of your rental application.


Fill out the Band Instrument Rental Application


If possible, indicate the make & model of your chosen instrument on the application.

We need as complete information as is available, in order to fulfill your rental request successfully. You may enter this information, if you know it, in the “Is there anything special” section of the application.


Follow Up with Us

Communicate with your School Service Representative for more information. In addition, a customer service specialist will get in touch you once your application has been received and reviewed (during normal store hours).

Frequently Asked Questions About Art’s Music Shop’s

Band Instrument Rental Purchase Plan

For a rental fee FROM $30.00 to $175.00 per month (depending on the instrument you select), you can start your child in the school band or orchestra. All musical instruments come with the basic accessories (ex: reed, strap, oil) and case. Fees vary on smaller violin outfits, double French horns and other background instruments.

Yes, payment can apply toward the purchase of an instrument. However, purchase is NOT required. You can rent the instrument as long as you like.

Yes, you need to rent the instrument for basically one semester (minimum 4 months).

Our traditional rental instruments (rent to own), are available in both new and used, at your discretion and in various price points. Most, but not all, of the online rental instruments (rent-to-rent) have been previously rented. However, they have all gone through our repair shop and have been evaluated, tested, refurbished and sanitized. In the majority of cases, the instruments look close to new. All of the online rental instruments have a one year warranty, and are of course subject to you and your band director’s approval. Economy models tend to show more wear and tear.

After your initial payment, the monthly payment will be withdrawn from the checking account we have on file. No more late fees, postage, or envelopes necessary — it’s the most convenient way to make your payment.

Yes, you can send us a check or come in to one of our stores and pay cash when making a monthly payment, but please make sure it is in before the due date or your checking account on file will be drafted for payment. Your due date is printed on your contract, and is usually the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, or 25th of each month.

We prefer not to, but in some instances, we may accept a debit/credit card for payment over the phone, at our discretion. However, please note: there is a service charge incurred with each ACH withdrawal. Your payments by check have no additional fees.

Absolutely. ART’S is one of the largest suppliers of musical instruments in the country. Our brand name instruments include many manufacturers: Alpha, Armstrong, Bach, Backun, Buffet, Conn, DiZhao, Eastman, Fox, Getzen, Haynes, Holton, Jupiter, King, Leblanc, Ludwig, Omega, P Mauriat, Pearl, Powell, Selmer, Shires, Soloist, Tomasi, Yamaha and more.

The main item(s) we need are your application and your checking account information for the monthly payments.

Yes. An Ed Pak typically contains a maintenance kit, your method book, and a music stand. Maintenance kits have all the items in them that help you to keep the instrument sanitary and working well. The woodwind Paks also include extra reeds. A music stand is needed for at-home practice, and your method book is used daily for lessons, classroom work and at-home practice.

All previously rented instruments have been evaluated, tested, refurbished and sanitized. They are in great working order and ready to rent/play.

Yes! Please call in and one of our School Service Representatives will contact you with options, information and more.

Notify us of your intention to return the instrument, and  return it one of our stores. Make sure that all parts (mouthpieces, covers, etc) are included.

You are responsible for the overall care of the instrument. We do offer R&R coverage for things that might happen that are beyond the child’s control (see contract). Many repairs can be done at school (depending on our service area and the school schedule) at no cost to you by an Art’s School Service Representative.

In addition to the manufacturer’s one-year warranty, ART’S offers service on all of the instruments we sell or rent. We have an up-to-date repair shop with full-time, full-service factory/school-trained technicians. Adjustments can be made in-the-band room by an ART’S School Service Representative that calls on the school (at no cost to you, within our service area, and subject to school scheduling), or you may bring it by one of our fine in-store repair shops (where service/repair fees may be assessed). Repair personnel are traditionally available during regular store hours, six days a week.

There is no additional charge, provided the instrument that is returned to us is in good shape and complete. There could be a higher or lower rental rate depending on the new instrument that is chosen, and there might be some sort of price adjustment if an Ed Pak is involved in the trade.

Renting the instrument gives your child the opportunity to start playing on a quality, well-adjusted instrument, so that you (and the school director) are comfortable with the choice that has been made prior to making a big purchase. There are also exchange and trade-up options available.

Yes, your child is welcome to try out the basic instruments (flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, violin) at either a scheduled band parent meeting in your area, or in one of our stores.

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FAQs About Art’s Music Shop’s Band Instrument Rental Purchase Plan

FAQs About Art’s Music Shop’s Band Instrument Rental Purchase Plan: We want you to feel comfortable with whatever decision you make regarding renting a musical instrument from Art’s Music Shop for your child in beginning band. The above list of FAQs about Art’s Music Shop’s band instrument rental purchase plan should answer most of your concerns. If not, please feel free to reach out us. We are happy to help in any way we can.