Basic Rental Trombone Application


Please fill out the lease/rental application. Once finished, you will be asked to
“Add to Cart” your rental selection in order to make your down payment.

Rent-to-Rent is TWO STEPS: 1. Fill out Application     2. Add to Cart & PAY for Rental


A Budget Friendly Option


Basic Rental Trombone

+ A lacquer finish instrument

+ Subject to Band Director approval

+ Art’s “in-the-band room” FREE Service*

+ Monthly R&R coverage available^




  • basic rental trombone lacquer

Repair & Replacement


  • R&R placeholder image

Art’s Ed Pak



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Instrument price listed is per month, excluding the optional R&R. Also optional is an Art’s Ed Pak. Fill out the Lease/Application above and click “Add to Cart” to make your rental down payment.





“In-the-Band Room” SERVICE

All of our school band instruments are sold with FREE in-the-band room service and maintenance, subject to our service area and school scheduling. If your trombone needs a minor repair, you purchased or rented it from us, and the repair can be done in the band room, there is no cost to you for the service, no matter how long you have owned the instrument.



“R&R” stands for Repair and Replacement. R&R is available with our online trombone rentals for a nominal monthly fee. It is not insurance. It is a contract to repair/replace your instrument should an incident such as fire, theft, flood or vandalism occur. It must be for a “claimable” event, where a report is made to officials (for instance, a police report). If a claim is made, there is a $30 deductible for this coverage. It does not cover neglect, careless handling, normal wear and tear, accessories, cleaning, misuse or mysterious damages and/or disappearance.