Renting an Oboe from Art’s Music Shop

Most beginners on oboe start their musical journey on an instrument that has been rented from a retail music store.
Rent your oboe from Art’s Music Shop.

The Benefits of Renting an Oboe from Art’s Music Shop: 

When you rent an oboe from Art’s Music Shop, you are allowed to switch instruments with minimal or no additional cost to you. If a switch is made within the first fours months of your rental plan, the payments you have made will apply to another instrument. Should you and your band director agree that it is best for your child to try something else, Art’s Music Shop will be there to help you make the transition to another quality instrument easy. While most students will stay with the oboe, there are situations that arise where a few players may need to switch to another instrument.

Art’s Music Shop wants your child’s musical experience to be a good one, and that’s why we want your child to have the best possible oboe available, so that they start off right from the very beginning. Art’s Music Shop ensures your child will receive a quality oboe that will play properly and in tune. We make available to rent a full range of oboes – from beginner models to upper-level, intermediate instruments, as well as both new and reconditioned oboes, so that you can have choices in making the decision about what is the best for your child.

Art’s Music Shop sends a representative to your school, who visits regularly to check on instruments;* our service representatives will make adjustments and small repairs to your oboe at no charge, for as long as you have it.

Art’s Music Shop‘s (optional) Repair & Replacement plan keeps your child’s oboe playing well and replaces it if it is lost or stolen. In addition, Art’s has a state of the art repair facility, where the oboe can be can properly repaired for its lifetime. Plus, a one year warranty covers most problems and adjustments that occur.

Renting your oboe from Art’s Music Shop allows time for you to see how serious your child is in their desire to play in the school band, before making a big monetary commitment to a particular instrument.

All of your rental payments are applied to the purchase of the oboe that you choose to rent for your child.

Renting an oboe from Art’s Music Shop is simple, easy, and the least expensive way to secure one for your child, especially with our auto-draft payment plan. You rent the oboe for as long as you like (subject to a minimum, which is usually four months), yet you may return it to Art’s Music Shop at any time, should your child drop out of band and no longer need the instrument.

*We visit your school if you are on our service list.


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