Why Play the French Horn?

For some beginning band students, it’s hard to choose what musical instrument to play. Each band instrument has something intriguing to offer, whether it be where that particular instrument section sits in the band, the shape of the instrument itself, what it is made of, the sound that is produced when the musical instrument is played, and much more. But there are many great reasons to play French horn in school band:

French horn makes a smooth, mellow, melodious sound. It blends well with the woodwinds and the brass, and has a big range, going both as high as a trumpet and as low as a tuba.

French horns are not as popular as the flute, clarinet, saxophone or trumpet. Fewer students playing the instrument results in less competition for you.

French horn players are always in high demand, which means your band director will love you.

There is a wealth of beautiful music written for French horn.

While learning any new musical instrument will have its challenges, the French horn is considered one of the more difficult instruments to learn. That being said, practice is the key to becoming a great French horn player.

Any previous background on another instrument, like piano or violin, will be helpful to you in playing the French horn, and will be beneficial to your success.

College scholarship opportunities abound, and it’s easier to get into honor groups, regional bands, and All State Band, since there aren’t as many players vying for the available spots.

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