In-store Instrument Rentals

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Does a School Service Representative from Art’s Music Shop visit your school system regularly? If so, our In-Store Instrument Rental Program is for you! Please check out the reasons you should choose US to rent a quality instrument for your child, then scroll down and FILL OUT our rental application.

For schools in our service area, Art’s Music Shop can supply students with a quality instrument, priced within your budget, based upon your Band Director’s recommendations. We’ll find you the best possible instrument, hand-selected for you. Just talk to any Art’s Music Shop employee!


  1. Art’s Music Shop insures your child will receive a quality instrument that will play properly and in tune.
  2. Art’s sends a representative to your school, who visits regularly to check on instruments; our service representatives will make adjustments and small repairs at no charge, for as long as you have the instrument.
  3. Art’s has a state of the art repair facility, where your child’s instrument can be can properly repaired for the life of the instrument.
  4. A one year warranty covers most problems and adjustments that occur.
  5. You may rent-to-own a quality instrument from the very beginning; there is no need to “make do” with a beginner instrument; rent the instrument you want your child to own for years to come.
  6. The Art’s Music Shop rental plan is the least expensive way to secure an instrument.


Q. What does it cost to rent an instrument?
A. For a rental fee FROM $20.00 to $99.00 per month (depending on the instrument you select), you can start your child in the school band or orchestra. All instruments come with accessories and case. Fees vary on smaller violin outfits, double French horns and other background instruments.
Q. Does the rent apply toward the purchase?
A. Yes! As you rent, payments apply toward the purchase should you decide to buy the instrument you are renting from us.
Q. Is there a service agreement; what is the cost; and who repairs the instruments?
A. In addition to the manufacturer’s 1 year warranty, ART’S offers service on all the instruments we sell or rent. We have an up-to-date repair shop with full-time, full service factory trained technicians. Adjustments can be made in-the-band room by an ART’S School Service Representative that calls on the school, or you may bring it by one of our fine in-store repair shops.
Q. Do I have to rent the cheapest student instrument?
A. No! Many parents and directors prefer to rent something a little better, such as open hole French model flutes, wood clarinets, and intermediate model brass instruments. It’s your choice.
Q. Are the rental instruments new or used?
A. We have both available, in addition to rebuilt and short-term rental return instruments. Again, it’s your choice. New instrument rental rates are slightly higher. Used and rental return instruments are subject to availability.
Q. Are these instruments school approved?
A. ART’S is one of the largest suppliers of musical instruments in the country. Our brand name instruments include many manufacturers: Alpha, Emerson, Haynes, Yamaha, King, Benge, LeBlanc, Holton, Vito, Normandy, Noblet, Selmer, Bundy, Bach, Armstrong, Gemeinhardt, Conn, Artley, Roth,Lewis, Pearl, Ludwig, Omega and more.
Q. Where do we make our rental payments?
A. Most of our customers use our stress-free auto draft to make their monthly rental payments. No more late fees, postage, or envelopes necessary — it’s the most convenient way to make your payment.



1. Choose instrument.
2. Fill out application: rental_application.
3. If known, indicate instrument and rental rate on application.
4. Fax application to 334.279.0119.

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Spotlight: Backun Clarinets

…Introducing…..Backun Professional and Artist Clarinets…

NEW at Art’s Music Shop!

(Click on the Images below for Pricing, etc)

Backun Professional Protégé Cocobolo Clarinet: Silver Plated Keys
Backun Professional Protégé Cocobolo Clarinet: Rose Gold Plated Keys
Backun Professional Protégé Grenadilla Clarinet: Silver Plated Keys

From your first lesson to First Chair!
As an aspiring artist, you need a clarinet that will take you from the practice room to center stage. Enter the Protégé Bb Clarinet. The perfect fit for students, amateurs and aspiring professionals.

An affordable professional instrument, the Protégé Bb Clarinet is the next logical step between beginner and Artist models. With its uncompromising tone, impeccable intonation and a unique acoustical design, the Protégé redefines what an aspiring player needs in a clarinet.

Crafted from the same high-quality woods and materials as Backun and MoBa Artist Clarinets, the Protégé Bb Clarinet will help you secure your place on center stage. After all the hours spent practicing, you deserve to be there!


• Exceptionally aged Cocobolo Wood

• Silver Plated keys and mouthpiece

• Includes Protégé Barrel, Protégé Bell and Single Case

The various plating options (some by special order only) on mouthpieces and keys for both Cocobolo and Grenadilla wood models: Silver, Nickel, Black Nickel, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold

Backun Artist Cocobolo Clarinet: Silver Plated keys

Reinventing the Clarinet One Piece at a Time
For a clarinet to play as an extension of your soul, each piece of wood must be painstakingly selected, each tonehole masterfully crafted, each key evenly balanced and each pad perfectly sealed, all in pursuit of this: The Backun Clarinet.


• Exceptionally aged, highly figured Cocobolo Wood

• Completely redesigned F to F# connectgion for simultaneous actuation

• Ergonomically sculpted register key for lightning fast movement

• Special silencing materials to reduce mechanical noise and increase responsiveness

• Left hand lever keys fit with micro screw adjustments to eliminate lost motion

• Left hand post anchor for rock-solid alignment

• Low E reinforced hinge rod support with second crowsfoot on the Low E/F for maximum stability

• Raised and custom tapered tonehole on the Low E to improve tuning and voicing

• Unsurpassed out-of-the-box performance with the highest level of finishing work

• Individual Coil Springs embedded in the body to create a consistent and balanced action when articulating the upper trill keys

• BMS Modular Posting System designed to make key fitting and refitting precise and effortless (Patent Pending)

• Combination carbon fiber and titanium upper and lower joints for an uncompromising fit and seal (Patent Pending)

• Revolutionary trill key design with enlarged finger buttons and an independent guide system to maintain superior alignment

• Unique thumb rest that is fully adjustable by the player — aiding in correct hand positioning, comfort and stability

• Precision keywork fit on a unique proprietary posting system manufactured in-house — for long-term reliability and true touch sensitivity

• Backun Acoustical Design with selected matching upper and lower joints for amazing tuning and voicing

• Silver Plated keys and mouthpiece

• Includes 2 Backun Fatboy Barrels, 1 Backun Traditional Bell and Custom Case (mouthpiece not included)

Also available (special order only): Yellow Gold or Rose Gold plating option on mouthpieces and keys

Backun Artist MoBa Cocobolo Clarinet: Yellow Gold Plated keys

Perfection Doesn’t Happen…You Have to Design It
Not merely an upgrade, but rather a new model on an entirely different level. With Low F Vent mechanism for optimal tuning. Each MoBa Clarinet is tuned and voiced to Ricardo Morales’ unwavering standards. Why make sacrifice? Make Music.

Also available (special order only): Rose Gold or Silver plating option on mouthpieces and keys

Check out the Backun Musical Company History Story.
Note: Some images on the site may not match actual instrument finish specifications

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