In-School Service Reps

Art’s Music Shop employs numerous In-School Service Representatives to schools throughout the area.  This invaluable service benefits not only the student, parents, director and school but the community at large.  Weekly, scheduled services provided include:

  • providing on-site repairs (for horns we sell)
  • transporting instruments needing additional repair (to/from repair shop)
  • delivering pre-paid supplies and music

By doing these things, we keep the instruments in student hands and keep them providing music to the community.  This decades-old practice has contributed to the development of some of the nation’s finest bands.  Let us help you become one of them.

What can your representative do for you?

If we visit your school regularly, simply click on the Representative’s name below, then fill out the form.  Thanks!

117 | Atlanta Area Representative
112 | Mike Mason
118 | Ron Mallory
159 | Matt King
205 | Frank Price
211 | Greg Garrett
212 | Heather Ransom
217 | Tony Whetstone
309 | Greg Faulkner
318 | Dick Turner
319 | Birmingham House Accounts